Cycling4Gaza to Norway 2016


For a while now, we have been searching for a project that allows us to combine our enjoyment of travelling and fun experiences, whilst contributing something to others.

Cycling4Gaza (C4G) is such an organisation that works precisely towards this. They are a ‘non-profit / non-political / non-religious’ organisation that raises money to help give the children and young people in the Gaza strip opportunities to play sports. They organize sports, buy equipment and educate the coaches. Every year C4G takes a trip to somewhere in the world where people cycle together – over several days – to raise awareness of the issues and thereby contribute to the collection of funds.

Cycling 4 Gaza Paces

This year, C4G are coming to Norway, and we at Expa have the honour of organizing their trip. This is a mission we take on with pleasure – and a good deal of awe. When it comes to cyclists and guests travelling from all over the world to Norway, we just love to ‘go the extra mile’.

We have decided to take the 50 participants to  Gaustablikk høyfjellshotell on 4th August of this year. Here is where the adventure begins. The bikes stand ready and the crew await. Over the next three days we will be cycling to Oslo!

Once we have arrived at Gaustablikk, we adjust our bikes, and take a look around the local area before the Welcome Dinner. On Friday 5th August the adventure starts in earnest. The trip back to Oslo begins. In broad terms, the route is as follows:

  • Day 1: Gaustablikk – Tuddal – Tinnosen – Bolkesjø – Jondalen. Here, we will book in at the fantastic Storaas gjestegård.
  • Day 2: Stooras Gjestegård – Kongsberg – Eikeren – Svelvik – Svelvikfergen – Holmsbu. We stay here at the wonderful Holmsbu SPA.
  • Day 3: Holmsbu – Nærsnes – Slemmestad – Sandvika – Oslo («Finish» in Frogner Park) and finally to Holmenkollen. Our final night is at the Scandic Holmenkollen Park hotell, where we will enjoy our farewell dinner together. From Holmenkollen, one can see all the way to Hurum, where the day’s cycling began.

Find more details about the tour here.


We will have tasty picnic lunches and enjoyable experiences en route. We wish to give the participants a memorable trip, where they will gain historical and cultural insights. The plan is to meet up with some ‘locals’ along the way, who may help us with that. We are currently in the process of contacting people and organisations from along our route, such as local newspapers, local tourist organisations, businesses and well-known local people who can tell us the story of the area we are visiting.

We really have the opportunity to do something that makes a difference and we are proud to have this assignment.

Maybe some local biking clubs will “escort” is through “their area”? How amazing would it be for 50 cyclists from all over the world to be escorted by a group of local cyclists from your club – on your local roads? This gets noticed and this gets attention!

We know that there are many of you out there who wish to contribute to a great and worthy cause. Even though we at Expa have much experience with organizing tours, we can not make a trip like this on our own. Here, great forces work together to create something bigger and better. We have several good partners who all contribute in different ways, where and when they can:

  • Bull ski – og kajakk in Sandvika – with a support vehicle, mechanic and spare parts. An indispensable element in this context! This local shop’s involvement, along with their vast knowledge within their field, is highly valuable.

We really have the opportunity to do something that makes a difference and we are proud to have this assignment. Will we see you along the way, too?


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