A Historical Biking Tour in Spain



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Exciting, historical, cycle tour in the stunning terrain around Madrid

We would love to take you with us on an exciting, historical, cycle tour in the stunning, mountainous terrain around Madrid.

A Historical Biking Tour in Spain

The tour starts in Ávila, a city that is over 2000 years old. It is best known for its intact, medieval walls, semi-circular towers and nine gates. Both Avila and the next city we visit, Segovia, are found on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will stay overnight in both locations.

During the first two days you ride at a height of around 1100 – 2000 meters above sea level. You will experience the stunning Spanish countryside, cosy villages and delightful, exciting hotels along our route with little traffic. On the final day you cycle towards the metropolis of Madrid and complete the three memorable biking days with a finish line at the very center of Madrid.

We believe this will be a cycling experience of a lifetime!

The blue marker indicates the region of Spain where the tour will take you. Click on the image to view a larger version.

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Trip Date

May – September 2017.

The Terrain

The regions and areas that you pass through are renowned as historical sites all over the world. The altitude will vary from 1100 m up to almost 2000 m. You will pass a mountain which is well known for Winter alpine skiing and for everything from hiking to biking during the Summer.

This tour starts in the village of Avila and will finish in the Spanish capital, Madrid. The tour will combine scenic valleys and historical sites, always on roads with little traffic that are great for biking. When arriving in the Madrid area on the final day, you will, off course, experience more traffic. The last 35 km into Madrid take you biking on a cycle route, before hitting the newly built “green line” that circles the whole city of Madrid.

Is This Trip For You?

This tour is designed for road cyclists that appreciate a variety of roads with both light climbing and smooth descents, but mostly for riders that enjoy historical sites that have had a great impact on the history of Spain. Beautiful landscape is also significant on this tour. You do NOT need to be an elite cyclist to participate in and enjoy this tour! In general, if you can complete a hilly ride of 60 to 100km at home, you are prepared for this trip. Naturally, some tender bottoms and stiff legs are common, but this is all part of the fun and accomplishment!

The stages are completed at your own pace, with motivation from your guides and the group. At the end of each exhilarating day in the mountains you use the last kilometer to cool down and complete the ride.

To ensure maximum enjoyment for each guest, we limit participation on this tour to 50 people. Our trained and experienced guides will divide the group according to desired cycling pace, ensuring that everyone rides at a comfortable and enjoyable tempo. You can migrate between pace groups each day if you wish.

On each day of riding, our group will stop to enjoy a light lunch before heading off again in our pace groups to enjoy more of the breathtaking landscape. Dinner is traditionally the highlight of each day, offering relaxation, camaraderie and laughter whilst enjoying excellent local Spanish cuisine and a light hearted recap of the day’s events!



We meet in Madrid Airport and take a bus to the village of Avila. (Expect about two hours to transfer on the day of arrival). You will change hotels every day so that you may see as much of the area as possible. Your first evening is spent in Avila at Hotel Palacio de los Velada 4****, a charming hotel with great atmosphere.

Then one night in the town of Segovia in Hotel Los Linajes 3***, a beautiful hotel located in the old town of Segovia.

The third night is in the very small town of Mataelpino and Hotel Blue Sens SPA. A beautiful location and great spa facilities that suits us perfectly after our day of climbing. The final night is spent about 1,5 km from the very downtown Madrid – Plaza Major.  Here you stay at Hotel City House. We guarantee you a first rate experience each day and evening, focused on phenomenal cycling, authentic Spanish cuisine and wonderful new friends.

Our detailed itinerary is preliminary. EXPA AS reserves the right to make changes en route when circumstances require.

This tour will probably attract a mixed group of nationalities, so expect to make many new friends!

What’s Included

The cost of transfers, daily breakfast, picnic lunch and dinner, plus nightly accommodation in a double room…

  • Bus transfers (first day)
  • Luggage transport
  • Accommodation – double / apartment
  • Breakfast, picnic lunch and dinner (Drinks not included)
  • Full ride and mechanical support (More information below)
  • Full carbon road race bike (NO pedals… you need to bring your own)
  • Expa tour leaders that will take you safely through the stages

Not Included

Singelroom ONLY on request. An extra charge of Euro 300,- will be added to the price if singelroom available.


Together, with our partner, we have included good quality road bikes to enhance your cycling adventure. Upon arrival, each guest will be provided with a bike that will be customized for their individual needs. You need to bring your own pedals.

Bicycle Insurance

You have the opportunity to take an insurance of 30,- Euro for the entire rental period against possible damage to the bicycle.  This is an insurance policy that covers damage to your bicycle along the road, such as scratches, damage to wheels, crank, gears and brake system. Stolen bikes are not covered by this insurance.  In the event of stolen bicycles, the individual participants themselves are liable. The tour operator is responsible for storing bicycles. If you do not want this insurance, any damage on the bike has to be paid in full after repairs.

The insurance is paid in advance when booking the tour. It is not possible to book the insurance on arrival in Spain. We strongly recommend taking out bike insurance.

Support Van

Our fully stocked support vehicle follows our riders at all times for technical / mechanical assistance and luggage transport. As a matter of safety, our staff are trained, ready for if an emergency arises. Finally, there is room in the van should someone exhaust their energy before the ride has ended.


Airplaneinformation – departure time for transfer

Airfare is not included in the tour price. Er transfer inkludert? 

Personal luggage

Large luggage pieces will be transported by car or van. It is recommended that you bring a small rucksack to transport useful items like rain / cool weather gear, sunscreen, cycling cap, etc.

What to Bring

Suggested equipment list:

  • pedals
  • cycling bibs/shorts
  • cycling jerseys
  • cycling vest and/or light weight thermal base layer
  • arm warmers
  • leg warmers or tights
  • cycling gloves
  • cycling shoes
  • helmet
  • sunglasses
  • light weight rain jacket
  • cycling cap
  • swimsuit
  • camera
  • first aid kit in travel size
  • sunscreen
  • chamois/butt butter
  • casual evening clothes and shoes
  • toiletries


Travel insurance is compulsory on our tours. All participants are responsible for their own personal travel insurance.

Tickets and passports

All participants must have a valid passport.

Booking / registration

Booking is made in writing via our registration form. Registration is binding.

Minimum number of participants for this tour is 40 people / maximum number is 50 people. Pricing is based on the tour minimum. In case of fewer participants, pricing may be adjusted slightly or the tour may be canceled.


Contact EXPA directly here.

Our detailed itinerary is preliminary. EXPA AS reserves the right to make changes en route when circumstances require. EXPA AS will have no liability for any typos.

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