Expa’s Community Involvement


We followed our dream

When Expa was launched in 2004, our motivation and driving force was based on passion, dreams and genuine pleasure in working with people – purely by enjoying adventure tours together. We were rather naive in believing that we could make a living from this. However, after many years of experience, we slowly but surely accomplished this by following our dreams. Nobody can say it was easy and that it has not been challenging. As it has been ….. on many levels. But we did it ….. we followed our dream!


We want to give more

We evolve throughout our lives, according to the experiences we have, the people we meet and the decisions we make. The years pass and we become older, and maybe wiser, along the way.

As every day passes, the desire for us to contribute to society, becomes stronger for us at Expa. We feel particularly strongly about this because our business at Expa is based on genuine passion in taking trips that contribute to the joy of life, great experiences and good self esteem for the participants. Imagine if we could help to create the same emotions in other people and not just those on our tours. How can we achieve that? How may we proceed? Who should we contact and how? And in particular; what should we get involved with and what should we stay away from? Who and what should we identify ourselves with?

This is where we feel a commitment to our society. We want to take responsibility and contribute where we can. Think big, but start small. Be aware of our values.

People experience a major lesson on our tours – how infinitely much easier it is when we cooperate, have a common goal, support each other and recognise strengths in ourselves and others. What is better than to feel a sense of empowerment?

This is what we wish to contribute even when we are not on tour. Our community involvement!

Our Current Community Involvement

At the moment, we are working with an exciting organisation that is coming to cycle in Norway in August 2016. Cycling4Gaza is an organisation that fundraises and contributes to various organisations that help children in war-torn Gaza. It is a ‘Non Political, Non Religious and Non Profit’ organisation that cycles around the world every year to raise funds. In 2016, Cycling4Gaza is coming to Norway and it is us at Expa who will organise and facilitate this trip. Participants come from all over the world. Learn more about the project here.

We are hoping for fantastic weather and lots of attention wherever they travel. We feel positive that we will make many new friends who will be experiencing Norway for their very first time!

We are really looking forward to it!


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